Pyramid Valley, home for the World’s Largest Meditational Pyramid, is an International Meditation Center serving individuals, societies and organizations in their quest for self realization and spiritual wisdom and helps them unlock their hidden potential.

Inspired by the vision of our Founder Brahmarshi Patriji’s that “Masters of the World… Unite”, Pyramid Valley is setup with a core objective of providing a COMMON PLATFORM for all world spiritual masters, to collaborate for a peaceful and love filled planet Earth in the shortest possible time.

Objectives of the Center

To spread the role of Science of Meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Power to one and all

To serve as an International Meditation Center providing a common platform to all World Spiritual Masters

To serve as the central nucleus for all activities of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

Key Activities

Conduct regular classes, workshops and seminars on Science of Meditation and New Age Spirituality

Organize annual “Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists” conference with several New Age Spiritual Masters and Researchers across the world

Publish meditational experiences and spiritual transformations of all spiritual seekers in several world languages

Carry out spiritual research activities and publish research findings

Celebrate Buddha-Poornima with “Akhanda-Dhyana” by thousands of spiritual masters and seekers at important power spots.

The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India)

This center is setup and run by The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India), a core organization of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

The Trust, a not-for-profit spiritual organization, was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji in the year 2003, to setup an International Meditational University near Bangalore, India. This center, named “Maitreya-Buddha Vishwalayam” and also fondly called “Pyramid Valley”, is expected to become the central nucleus for all the activities of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

The Trust regularly conducts several programs in this sprawling campus, including the annual Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists Event with participation from several international and national new age spiritual masters.

About 5,000 people can comfortably meditate inside the mega pyramid at a time. Hundreds of people visit Pyramid Valley regularly to meditate in this high energy Pyramid.