The trust is a non-profit spiritual organization. It primarily depends on contributions from philanthropic organizations and individuals.

To continue to fulfill our mission of spreading meditation and vegetarianism, we need support of friends like you. Your contributions strengthen our efforts towards this noble public cause.

Consider making a contribution to Pyramid Valley today, and you’re your assistance, we will achieve a peaceful Planet Earth very soon.

All contributions are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G.


To facilitate all visitors to utilize and spend maximum time in the valley,the facility of Annadana is very useful. Food for the body is necessary for a healthy intake of food for the Soul i.e., Meditation. Spiritual seekers need to be freed from the basic bodily needs to accelerate their learning and self-development.This will also help meditators to spend longer periods,say a few days without financial strain.


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The donation amount will be utilized towards developing and maintaining new and existing infrastructure facilities, like additional rooms, landscaping of the valley, contribution of books to the library, sponsoring publication of books and literature.


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Pyramid Valley acknowledges all donors for their invaluable contribution in supporting its  mission.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. P.S.R.K.Prasad, Trustee, Pyramid Valley International. Mobile: +91 8147093630


Volunteer Service gives an opportunity to serve spiritual seekers and helps to nurture body, mind and  spirit. Only through the service, one can learn and experience the power of compassion and the joy of helping.

“ The Final Meaning of Spirituality is Service ” ~ Brahmarshi Patriji

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