Spiritual Science Workshops

Spiritual Science workshops are conducted for meditators throughout the year in Pyramid Valley. Daily free meditation classes, monthly Full-Moon night programmes and annual Buddha Poornima Celebrations are celebrated in the valley and thousands of Meditators converge at the valley to participate. These workshops provide ample opportunities to practice intensive meditation with interactive discussions and learning about world spiritual masters for spiritual wisdom, holistic living and enlightenment. We also invite corporates to organize their corporate workshops in Pyramid Valley and enable the participants to enjoy the natural beauty of the campus while enriching themselves with spiritualĀ  knowledge which is so very essential to make life enjoyable.

Meditation Briefing Centre

The Meditation Briefing Centre is located at the entrance of Maitreya Buddha Pyramid where our senior meditators explain the basics of meditation for the benefit of first time visitors. Visitors can then go inside the Mega Pyramid for Meditation.

Book Space

This facility situated at the basement of the mega pyramid houses a large collection of spiritual books, magazines, cds of music for meditation, and videos in many languages. Varieties of pyramids of different sizes, herbal products and crystals are also available for sale.The books that are displayed here are by very renowned spiritual authors and have been chosen specially to increase spiritual wisdom by leaps and bounds.

Spiritual Library

This basement library in the mega pyramid has a huge collection of books some of which are authored by Patriji and numerous other spiritual masters. Spiritual books and magazines are available in most Indian languages and can be used by all the meditators visiting the campus free of charge.