Pyramid Valley International located near Bengaluru City, is the home to one of the world’s largest meditational pyramids called the “Maitreya Buddha” Pyramid. The campus is beautifully landscaped with water bodies, natural greenery and coconut groves.


  • To spread the truths of meditation, vegetarianism and pyramid power to one and all.
  • To serve as an international meditation centre providing a common platform to all spiritual scientists and spiritual masters of India and the rest of the world.
  • To serve as the central nucleus for important activities of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM).


Pyramid Valley is spread over 28 acre campus with various facilities including conference halls, library, meditational pyramids, dining hall and cafeteria, residential cottages, rooms, and dormitories.

Meditation is taught free of cost to all visitors. Multi-day residential workshops on meditation and spiritual science are regularly conducted in this campus.  Hundreds of thousands of visitors benefit from this magnificent international center every year.

Since its inception in the Year 2003, over four million people have learnt meditation. Over 1,500 programs and workshops were conducted with participation of at least 100,000 spiritual seekers. As part of its “ Daily Annadana ” free meals programme, over two million free meals were served to-date.

Pyramid Valley – Important Locations

  • Maitreya Buddha Pyramid
  • Book Space – Spiritual books, pyramids and souvenirs
  • Art Gallery with Buddhist Themes
  • Spiritual Science Library
  • Hills, Valleys and Water Bodies
  • Coconut Groves, Lawns and Nature
  • Hill top Viewpoint Pyramids – Osho and Rampa Viewpoint Pyramids
  • Milarepa Akhanda Dhyana Prangana
  • Adi Shakti Dhyana Kshetra
  • Meditation Lab
  • Kabir Bhavan Wisdom Center
  • Pagoda cottages and Start Light room block


Maitreya Buddha Pyramid

The Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, has a base of 160 feet x 160 feet and a height of 102 feet with the high energy “ King’s Chamber ” in the middle. At any single time, the pyramid can accommodate over 5,000 people for meditation. Hundreds of people visit the Valley regularly, every day, to meditate in this high energy Pyramid.

Milarepa Akhanda Dhyana Pyramids

These 10 independent spacious 8’x8′ pyramids are situated amidst a coconut grove. Meditators who want to practice intense meditation can stay in these pyramids and experience and enjoy the blissful state of meditation.

Osho Pyramid

This viewpoint pyramid, the Osho pyramid is also used for meditation and is situated along the trek path to Tapasthali.

Rampa Pyramid

This Pyramid is situated on the Western side of the Mega Pyramid in the midst of plenty of trees.


A sacred place on the hill top ” Tapastali ” is  meant exclusively to practice intense meditation in Nature. It is a scenic place from which we can have an excellent view of our whole Pyramid Valley campus and the Star Light Room Block. People gather in groups and practice meditation in this still and serene atmosphere. Many spiritual gurus have identified this spot as the most energetic power spot in the entire Pyramid Valley

Adi Shakti Dhyana Kshetram

This High Energy place close to the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid is the first place where Brahmarshi Patriji meditated inside the campus in 2003. This open and clean place among the woods has a lot of high energy and this can be experienced by the meditators during meditation. Master Patriji holds meditation sessions in this place too, while he is in the campus.