Pyramid Valley is one among the many High Energy spots in the world! Group Meditation when done inside the mega Maithreya Buddha Pyramid situated in the natural environs of the beautiful Pyramid Valley magnifies the individual energy of meditators manifold!

Maitreya Buddha Pyramid

The Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, has a base of 160 feet x 160 feet and a height of 102 feet with the high energy “King’s Chamber” in the middle. At any single time, the pyramid can accommodate over 5,000 people for meditation. Hundreds of people visit the Valley regularly, every day, to meditate in this high energy Pyramid.

Milarepa Akhanda Dhyana Pyramids

These 10 independent spacious pyramids are situated amidst a coconut grove. Meditators who want to practice intense meditation can stay in these pyramids and experience the blissful state of meditation day and night without any disturbance.

OSHO & Rampa Pyramids

Our beloved master Patriji has great love and respect for Master Osho and Master Rampa. So, two viewpoint pyramids, from which the entire Pyramid Valley can be seen have been named after those great masters. These pyramids are along the trek path to Tapasthali and can be used for resting and meditation.


A sacred place on the hill top ” Tapastali ”is  meant exclusively to practice intense meditation in Nature. It is a scenic place from which we can have an excellent view of our whole Pyramid Valley campus. People gather in groups and practice meditation in this still and serene atmosphere.

Adi Shakti Dhyana Kshetram

This High Energy place close to the Maithreya Buddha Pyramid is the first place where Brahmarshi Patriji meditated inside the campus in 2003. This open and clean place among the woods has a lot of high energy and this can be experienced by the meditators during meditation. Master Patriji holds meditation sessions in this place too while he is in the campus.