• One of the largest pyramids – measuring 160’x160’ and 102’ tall – solely built for meditation
  • Can seat 5000 people at a time
  • Has a unique ‘ Kings chamber ’ where increased flow of cosmic energy can be experienced
  • The Pyramid also houses briefing centers, library and a book store
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  • Free vegetarian, satvic food for lunch and dinner for meditators and visitors
  • 25 lakh meals served since the year 2009
  • Enables visitors and resident meditators to spend more time on the campus
  • Seva available for volunteers and staff too
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  • Unique laboratory with scientific instruments and techniques to measure and illustrate spiritual science concepts
  • Dedicated space and team to conduct sessions, operate facilities and record spiritual progress
  • Interested meditators can see tangible improvements in well-being using the Quantum Energy devices
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  • Mission is to collate and conduct research on Pyramid Energy and present the benefits of Pyramid Energy to mankind, on a scientific basis
  • Pilot and publish experiments showing the enhancing power of Pyramid Energy in agriculture, dairy development, seed germination, health and wellness


  • Exhibit books authored by globalspiritual masters in the Library and the book store named as BOOK SPACE
  • Publish and distribute spiritual literature of Brahmarshi Patriji through books, audios and videos
  • Publish new age spiritual books of various international masters in multiple languages
  • Expose children, youth and adults to spiritual science insights while enhancing the habit of reading books
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Cleanliness is one of the  values to be calculated by any human being, if he wants to evolve.  In line with the initiatives taken by the Govt. to encourage citizens to work for “ SWACHH BHARAT ” the PSSM has also joined hands for this purpose.

The following initiatives are being taken by the Pyramid Valley International:

  • Organize rallies to spread the message in villages near the Pyramid Valley.
  • Publish to print materials to promote clean surroundings.
  • Engage volunteers of the Valley in cleaning village streets, premises of schools, etc., to make citizens aware of the necessity to keep surroundings clean.
  • Install large dustbins with the message of “ SWACHH BHARAT ” printed on the outer part of the dustbins.
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