Donations for Pyramid Valley Nitya Anna Dāna Seva Program

The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) is launching yet another noble initiative called “ Nitya Anna Dāna Seva ”, that offers free meals to visiting meditators. Key objective is to facilitate people from economically weaker sections to use the Pyramid Valley facilities at very minimal cost.

Food for the body is necessary for a healthy intake of food for the Soul i.e., Meditation. Spiritual seekers need to be freed from the basic bodily needs to accelerate their learning and self-development. The “ Nitya Anna Dāna Seva ” program aims to offer two free meals a day to every needy meditator at Pyramid Valley and enables them to be better focused.

The Trust is creating a CAPITAL FUND for facilitating the program effectively with long term continuity and hereby appeals for generous donations from individuals and organizations.

Your generous contributions to the program can help in the following ways:

  • To encourage people from rural and economically weaker sections to visit Pyramid Valley and help in their spiritual growth
  • To free the meditators from thinking of basic bodily needs when they are in Valley and enable them to be more effective
  • To fulfill our spiritual responsibility

Donation Programmes & Benefits to Donors

Anna Dana Supporter – Rs. 1,000

  • One time listing of the sponsor name or nominee name as Anna Dana Sponsor, at Pyramid Valley, on the specified day

Anna Dana Life Supporter – Rs. 5,000

  • Listing of the sponsor name or nominee name as Anna Dana Sponsor, at Pyramid Valley, on one specified day every year for five years
  • Mention of the donor name in the annual thanks giving poster during Buddha-Poornima Celebrations in the year of enrolment

Anna Dana Special Supporter – Rs. 10,000

  • All benefits of Life Supporter
  • Listing of the sponsor name or nominee as Annadana Sponsor at Pyramid Valley on one speicified day every year for 10 years from enrolment.
  • 1-week free dormitory accommodation onetime at Pyramid Valley

Anna Dana Sponsor – Rs. 50,000

  • All benefits of Special Supporter with free accommodation eligibility of 1-week per year for lifetime (15 years from enrolment)
  • Mention of the member name in the Pyramid Valley Quarterly News Letter

Anna Dana Major Sponsor – Rs. 1,00,000

  • All benefits of Sponsor with free accommodation eligibility in standard rooms

Anna Dana Patron – Rs. 2,00,000

  • All benefits of Major Sponsor with 2-weeks of free accommodation

Anna Dana Visionary Patron – Rs. 5,00,000

  • All benefits of Patron with free accommodation eligibility in cottages