Natural environment  among trees , flora and fauna with large water bodies facilitate retention of energy in large measure. Accommodation has therefore been made available inside the Pyramid Valley campus so that meditation can be practiced in solitude amidst power-spots within the valley for long duration. This will also enable them to participate in the programmes on meditation on these days. Safe, clean and comfortable living accommodation together with nutritious satvic Indian vegetarian food  is provided in the campus. The simple yet comfortable lodging facilities, devoid of  distraction either through TV or other media  is a perfect requisite for experiencing serene and sublime states of consciousness. Aesthetically designed eco-friendly luxury suites, luxury rooms (AC), Deluxe Rooms ( Non-A/C), standard rooms and dormitories  are available for interested meditators. However, the rights of admission are reserved in the interest of harmony and peace in the campus


Trek to Surrounding Hills in Nature

Meditators and visitors can go for treks along the natural paths of Pyramid Valley’s 26 acre campus. The scenic cycling and jogging treks can be explored by enthusiastic meditators. Tapasthali, a scenic viewpoint and high energy meditation place can be witnessed after a fun-filled walk by the meditators.

Water Bodies inside Valley

They are an important asset to the campus.  A one acre lotus pond which has water throughout the year is present in the middle of the campus. It has a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in its center. A small stream of the river  flows across the campus next to the pyramid. The valley proudly hosts a large variety of flora and tree saplings are added to the collection during the seasons.

Meditation Lab

Meditation Laboratory provides cutting edge technologies to validate our growth in spirituality with scientific evidence. Quantum Energy technology is explored for spiritual, physical, emotional and mental growth. DNA activation, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Rebirthing Breathwork, Aura and Chakra are some of the important activities conducted by the lab.