Donation for life membership: INR 50,000

  • 5 days free accommodation for life member and spouse per year for life time (15years) in Standard Room
  • 40% discount on standard room and dormitory accommodation, 20% discount on A/C room & Cottages exceeding the above period
  • 10-20% discounts in Workshops, Books and other Products of Pyramid Valley
  • Prioritized invitations for Pyramid Valley programs
  • Mention of the life Member name in the Pyramid Valley website for an year
  • Mention of the life member name in the Quarterly News Letter
  • Member Identity Card

Donation for executive sponsor: INR 3,00,000

  • All benefits of Sponsor with 2-week free accommodation per year in standard rooms.
  • Free life time subscription of any of the PSSM Magazine, according to the choice of sponsor.

Donation for gold sponsor: INR 6,00,000

  • All benefits of Executive sponsor with 3-week free accommodation per year in standard rooms or cottages.
  • Free entry to workshops of value up to Rs. 3,000/- per year

Donation for patron: INR 10,00,000

  • All benefits of Gold Sponsor with 4-week free accommodation per year in standard rooms or cottages
  • Free entry to workshops of value up to Rs. 10,000/- per year

Donation for visionary patron: INR 25,00,000

  • All benefits of Patron
  • Patron name prominently displayed in Exhibit Gallery and during all major events
  • Sponsors who contribute money in significant amount, to develop a full or part facility are considered facility Sponsors. Based on the amount donated, they are automatically enrolled in one of the above donation programs and its benefits. In addition, the sponsor name will be announced as Facility Sponsor, in the immediate next issue of News Letter.
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