Events for October 2020

Everyday Meditation

Online - Zoom Meeting

Everyday Meditation Everyday Meditation for BEGINNERS   Everyday @ 9pm - 10pm IST Zoom ID :82677519502 Click to Join Zoom : Passcode : 112095

Mastercourse : 40Day Spiritual Science Foundation (Season-2)

Online - Zoom Meeting

Spiritual Science Foundation (Season -2) by Banda Sivaramappa, M.Sc. Ph.D. Yoga Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy From August 10th, 2020 Monday-Thursday : from 4pm to 5pm Zoom Session, YouTube LIVE Click…

Masterclass : KARMA KAFE

Online - Zoom Webinar

KARMA KAFE   About the Program :  This world is a Karma Kafe. From womb to tomb we come and live in this Kafe. All our actions, thoughts, feelings and speech create fresh karmas. We…

Global Master Talk : POWER OF KINDNESS

Online - Zoom Meeting

POWER OF KINDNESS   About the Program: Dalai Lama said “Kindness is my religion.” The spiritual practice is simple: just turn around, find your true self and be kind. We often say “Be yourself,” but…

Pyramid Valley will open on Oct 26, Monday for visitors. Entry is allowed from 10am to 2pm every day for a maximum of 200 people.